What can I do for You?

Recruitment and selection

In HR area, I propose a new look at workers’ recruitment and selection. I intend to develop high quality services on the Polish market, on the basis of thorough analysis of emotional and motivational state of the candidates for employees, which combined with my own business experience and excellence, will ensure lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between the companies I support and their new employees. I take into consideration the needs of the both parties of the process to make their future cooperation fruitful and lasting. I examine, whether the particular working environment is able to meet candidates’ emotional needs, which creates the good perspective for the lasting cooperation of an employer and an employee.

I have almost 15-year experience in and practical knowledge of management and sales processes. My knowledge and experience, however, is not enough for successful recruitment process. The key aspect, in my opinion, is the attitude towards another person. Getting to know people is for me fascinating itself and I do care about discovering good things in them – good for your organization.

You are welcome to get acquainted with my professional skills and tools and things that differ me from my competitors.

Psychological support in personal and professional life

British branch of Heinz proposed their employees a cognitive-behavioural therapeutic course to help them build up inner resources to cope better with stress and other daily hardships. Satisfied employees recommended further this kind of support among themselves. There was a choice between a computer course and a personal contact with the therapist (source http://www.employeebenefits.co.uk/).

To improve the quality of personal and professional life, I recommend my assistance in your personal development but also treatment of disorders of psychological nature.
I am active in the cognitive-behavioural branch. I am a member of the Polish Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies and an EABCT member. At my work, I adhere to high ethical standards – the Ethical Code of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapist.
I am constantly improving my professional qualifications – currently, I am taking part in a four-year psychotherapeutic training at the Cognitive-Behavioural School of Psychotherapy at the
University of Social Sciences and Humanities [Polish acronym: SWPS] under the management of Agnieszka Popiel PhD and Ewa Pragłowska PhD. I appreciate the importance and the value of a regular supervision – systematic discussion with the more experienced colleague and the feedback on the undertaken therapy from the supervisor-educator.

You are welcome to contact me in order to set needs and options of support, not only in psychic life crises.

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