Who am I?

Being a leader, in my opinion, is a kind of approach, not a position you hold. That is why

I resigned from the attractive proposal of work in the fully formed organizations in favour of implementation of the projects I am sure to carry out with passion and commitment.

After 13 years of work in employment agencies – hundreds of meetings and talks to Clients about personal needs and requirements in their firms and a few years of voluntary work in the area of psychological support, I became a freelancer. I would like to thank my Former Employers for creating conditions that enabled me to achieve the present level of business excellence on such
a difficult and dynamically developing market of services.

I am a psychologist with multi-year experience in HR services, having several years’ experience in professional identification of people’s emotional needs. This combination forms the perfect basis for interconnecting people in their professional lives, and, if needed, providing psychological support in their personal lives.

In everyday, interpersonal contacts, both professional and personal, I promote psychological patternsof good life.

I am a psychologist, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt and a friend. I used to be an employee. I would like to become a recognized HR organizational consultant on the domestic market and abroad as well as a psychotherapist.

Without tricks and learned techniques, thus without manipulation, I sell HR services and their offer real value for money.During my professional life – at my work in corporation environment, I heard that I invariablykept my naturalness and authenticity. So, I welcome you to talk genuinely about your needs, both professional and personal.   

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