Corporate social responsibility

I have been actively cooperating with Gdańsk Psychiatric Hospital for three years. As a part of my volunteer work , I perform the duties of a psychologist in the 24-Hour Care Unit (psychological diagnosis and support for persons in psychic life crises). I also cyclically lead a meta-cognitive training at the Outpatient Unit of the Hospital. I was the originator and initiator of “My career from scratch!” workshops for persons coming back to the labour market after a psychic crisis (author and leader – Małgorzata Radzikowska) and I was a co-leader (with M. Radzikowska) of the workshops on perfecting skills necessary for satisfactory professional life. In 2007, I also worked as a medical volunteer in Priest Eugeniusz Dutkiewicz SAC Hospice in Gdańsk.

The work of a volunteer is an important area of my personal life.

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