Professional experience

I have been working since 1998.

I took my first job as a customer service assistant in the international company running
a network of restaurants in the Middle and East Europe.

I have been in permanent touch with HR services branch since 2001. Since then, over years, until 2014, I have been gaining experience holding managerial positions in two employment agencies, meanwhile developing, my currently most important, key competences, such as designing and implementation of B2B sales strategies; business relationship building, team management, including boosting team commitment through clear goal setting and motivating people to achieve it. The other area of my professional experience have embraced: recruitment, evaluation and development of employees’ skills, coordination of company image building actions. I have also upgraded social and emotional competences as a psychologist, among others: openness and empathy, courage and decisiveness, self-restraint in giving opinions and fairness (necessary to balance opinions), warmth in relationship with others, good self-organization, dutifulness and the ability to coordinate multi-task activity.

For the past years, I have also been developing my skills and tools in psychological diagnosis and support, permanently cooperating with Professor Tadeusz Bilikiewicz Gdańsk Psychiatric Hospital in Gdańsk.

The words of Jacek Santorski, Polish psychologist of health and business, social psychologist and the former therapist: 

XII 2013)”]„Organizations (…) need service, inspiration and support. They need
a person, that on the one hand knows people and human processes, and on the other hand is a person who can understand business”.


I am the person of this kind.

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